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Thriving in uncertain times – ICAS/CA Magazine Webinar





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Thriving in uncertain times

Filmed during a period of unprecedented change, this timely webinar examines how firms and accounting professionals alike can adapt to new ways of working during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

CA magazine editor Laurence Eastham hosts a conversation with Andrew Bone CA, co-founder and CEO of award-winning professional services software provider Airts.

As CEO of one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK, Bone is keenly aware of the role business leaders can play in creating workplaces that are resilient in the face of change.

Key points:

  • – Airts CEO Andrew Bone shares how business leaders can help make their workplaces more resilient.
  • – Learn more about the overlap between leadership and firm culture and its impact on the bottom line.
  • – Hear how client services and resource management can be best adapted to reflect times of uncertainty.

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