Solver API
AI-powered scheduling for your software

Solver API adds advanced capabilities to your product with a simple integration

Solver is a scheduling engine powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology.  It was created for dynamic task allocation in the professional services market, but is now available as an API to software developers in other sectors.  Leverage our years of R&D and experience in this field to produce great results at a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

Solver API exists to answer this question:

How can we do some tasks in the best way using our resources ?

So it can be used in lots of different situations:

How can we do audit work in a way that hits our deadlines using 700 professional accountants ? Learn More
How can we deliver care equipment in a way that minimises nights in hospital using 12 vans each day ? Learn More
How can we process data in a way that reduces peak loading using the servers in our data center ?

Key advantages

Controlled Automation

Reduce the admin overhead required to plan and schedule complex tasks and high volumes of work. Solver handles the “heavy-lifting”, leaving users to focus on the exceptional cases that warrant their attention. Solver always accommodates user decisions, so there’s no loss of control.


Eliminate the firefighting associated with continuously changing environments. If deadlines change or staff call off sick, Solver can quickly re-assesses the entire resource pool to provide the best solution every time.


Forget about having to specify and maintain complicated business rules. Instead, specify your strategic objectives and let Solver intelligently find the optimal way to achieve them. It considers 40,000 options per second, so has a massive advantage over a manual approach.


With Solver eliminating the high cost of producing a schedule, the possibilities for capacity planning are endless. No longer rely on guess work to forecast completion dates. Plan further ahead. Inform strategic decisions with visibility of the real world impact: adjust workload and change resource availability or skills to understand what the future would look like under those conditions.

Technical Integration

Solver is accessed as a standard JSON-based web api. It is stateless and requires no confidential data to be passed to it.  It can be cloud-hosted or on-premises. It is highly configurable and can be used in various different ways: as a continuous process for real-time scheduling, as a one-off process for scenario modelling, or something in between.  Let’s talk if you would like to explore how it could add value to your product.