The promise and peril of AI in accountancy

The rise of big data, machine learning and AI is transforming professional services. These technologies are enabling efficient, evidence-based decision-making, but they also pose ethical challenges to practitioners.

‘Loss-leading’ Big Four claims don’t tell full story

Without real-time adjustments to plans, and the ability to re-assign staff to meet deadlines on the fly, inevitably auditors themselves bear the brunt of the additional work effort. This puts a strain not only on work/life balance and productivity, but also on the retention of highly qualified staff, and potentially even the quality of audits themselves – impacting the auditing industry as a whole.

Start-up Fit

I suppose I should begin by introducing myself: my name is Lauren Hart, and I’m a Business Development Manager (and fitness instigator) here at Airts. I was born and raised in sunny Scarborough, a beautiful seaside town on the Yorkshire Coast.  I first moved up to Edinburgh for university, and fell in love with this […]

How to Escape Academia (into software development)

It’s been nearly five months since I left my role as an Associate Lecturer at the University of St Andrews, and started my new career as a software developer at Airts. I spent the last ten years developing my skills as a computational astrophysicist: studying planet formation, astrobiology, and the search for intelligent life using a […]

Diversity in the workplace should be like a comfy sofa

I joined Airts as their first female software engineer seven months ago. That was a massive step for me. I’ve had to wrestle with a pretty serious case of imposter syndrome. And that ‘I don’t belong’ voice in my head was amplified by the fact that I was only the third non-native English speaker at Airts. Based on […]