Intelligent planning for professional services

Redefine what’s possible

Plan, manage, and adapt complex projects quickly and easily, optimised to your business objectives

Automation, but with total control

Reduce the admin overhead of scheduling large volumes of work by introducing automation to your scheduling. Ensure no loss of control thanks to Braid’s ability to adapt to manual decisions, providing your team with the intelligent assistance they need.

Organisation-wide visibility

Until now, peaks and troughs have been part of business as usual. You can change that with visibility of utilisation and availability by grade, skillset, business unit, and more. Enable your teams to make informed decisions and identify opportunities for organisation-wide collaboration.

"Braid coordinates what should be happening and when, giving us a joined-up view of our workload and resources.
This lets us focus on continuous growth and improving our quality of service."
Bartosz Krajewski, Senior Manager, PwC SDC, Poland

Modern and intuitive

Say hello to a fresh and clean web-based interface, which is easy to navigate and quick to use. Our drag-and-drop gantt chart displays the entire plan clearly, and includes filters and search functions to drill into large volumes of data.

Budgeting to completion in one place

Say goodbye to countless spreadsheets and duplicate data entry to plan and manage engagements. Braid’s structured workflow and approval process lets you control the entire engagement lifecycle, with up-to-date engagement economics displayed at all times.

Actionable intelligence

Use Braid’s system-wide search function as the starting point to build your reports. Save them for recurring use to analyse key metrics, or export to Excel for in-depth analysis. Whatever reports you need, the tools to build them are included as standard.

Optimised scheduling for your dynamic workplace

At the core of Braid is its ability to organise high volumes of data at speed. Regardless of your organisation’s size or work volume, it will create an optimised schedule, to your criteria, faster than you ever thought possible. Braid reacts instantly to changes such as staff absence or new work to produce an updated plan.