Our Big PwC Announcement

Andrew Bone (CEO) and Dr Alastair Andrew (CTO) with the Airts team.

There was a tremendous buzz of excitement around Airts HQ in Edinburgh last week as we were finally able to announce what we’ve been working on for the past two years!  To top it off, we were thrilled to see national publications The Scotsman and The Herald pick-up the story, followed by an article in the business section of The Times the following day.

PwC uses Braid to manage resource planning

The story we shared was that Airts has now deployed Braid to support PwC, a Big 4 professional services firm, at its service delivery centre in Poland.  Braid is a real-time resource scheduling solution built for use by enterprise-scale professional services organisations, primarily the Big 4.

We touched down in Krakow, Poland, on a sunny day in April, leaving enough time only to admire the airport inside and out before being whisked off to Katowice, where when we met the team at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Service Delivery Centre (SDC).  For those not in the know, spread across the globe are several PwC SDCs, collectively forming their global delivery model (GDM).  This is an effective way to deliver professional services at scale, evident by the Katowice centre supporting client-facing firms in more than 20 European countries!

Our mission was to explore opportunities to improve resource scheduling.  As a growing centre, and one of the biggest in the global network, a key challenge was to optimise resource scheduling to ensure the centre operated at maximum efficiency – the existing manual scheduling processes were fast becoming unsustainable.  The trip, to a city in Poland we’d never before heard of, was starting to feel very worthwhile for both sides.

Fast-forward a couple of years (and numerous stays at the local Novotel) and the Braid solution had really taken shape.  By working closely with PwC, Braid was transformed from a solid idea which blended together the knowledge and working experiences of Andrew Bone and Dr Alastair Andrew, the Airts founders, into a fully fledged resource planning and workforce scheduling solution ready for use by one of the largest professional services organisations on the planet!  It was two years of hard work, which allowed us to create fantastic relationships with the team at PwC’s SDC in Katowice.

It’s all about teamwork

“We love working with Airts,” said Bartosz Krajewski, Senior Manager at PwC, “they took time to deeply understand our business and made the whole project a collaborative experience.  It’s exciting to be at the forefront of something that we feel will re-invent industry best-practice.”

Andrew Bone, CEO and Airts co-founder, said: “Major professional services firms like PwC constantly have to decide how best to allocate staff to client engagements in a way that balances the competing needs of the customer, the well-being of staff and, ultimately, the bottom line.  Braid supports companies to overcome this challenge at scale by optimising the schedule as circumstances change.  It’s like hundreds of resource planners working in the background 24/7, only much faster!”

Here’s to long-term support and future growth!

So, with the final stage of go-live just around the corner, May 2017 will see Braid fully deployed to all teams in Katowice, and supporting resource scheduling in a way that has never before been experienced in the industry.  We are immensely proud of the entire Airts team for what has been achieved, and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship with PwC for the foreseeable future, and continuing to support them as their headcount grows beyond 1,000 and their monthly engagements soar into the tens of thousands!

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