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Howdy readers, it’s an interesting one today at Airts HQ. We have the entire team together in the one place for the biannual Airts staff night out. The scones are gone (though not forgotten) for the evening and in their place shall be a few pints of beer. It got us to thinking – how do companies keep a productive, yet relaxed and fun environment? Obviously a good night out can really help to destress from a hard week; but many people have other commitments and can’t be out every week, so what else can be done? The following is a short list of ideas taken from a great lifehacker article on injecting happiness into the workplace. It’s been reworked to reflect how Airts apply them to keep ourselves cheery and productive.

1. Flexibility

So this isn’t about staying limber and having a good stretch before a morning’s code sesh (though it does help!). This is about work hours. Having flexible work hours can lead to higher motivation, a more comfortable work-life balance and boosts in productivity. Now, strictly speaking Airts does not operate under a flexi-time policy but when needs demand our 9-5 can be shimmied. If one of the team needs to start later due to a delivery, or appointment with the bank, etc – Airts are ok with that team member stepping out for an hour or two. That flexibility makes the work place more relaxed and comfortable. So long as we don’t abuse the courtesy and get our work done flexibility is a win-win in this company.

2. Exercise

We’re sure you don’t need it explained that exercise holds many benefits. Exercise doesn’t just help your body physically, it can help mentally. Becoming a bit more active for even a half hour during the working day can lead to increased happiness, alertness and motivation. Exercise provides a sense of achievement and leads to you feeling more positive about yourself. Some of the Airts team love a good physical workout. Al for example is our resident runner and the other weekend he ticked off a life’s ambition by completing the Barrathon.  

3. Learn

Ongoing adoption of new skills and becoming more proficient in ones work keeps the mind sharp, focussed and again happy! Airts are a young company and we appreciate that we have a good amount to learn. That’s ok though, as learning is awesome fun. One, we love making use of new technologies and two, when we get that new technology working it feels good. Continuous development keeps you ahead of the curve too – bonus!

4. Team Building

The term ‘Team Building’ usually elicits groans of disdain, but your team is your support, your motivation and your business. Good employers and strong teams appreciate this; they work well together to provide a sense of community and trust that is invaluable when times get tough. This doesn’t come without effort from everyone though and taking part in activities that aren’t work related can really help bring that comradery to your team naturally. Be it a staff night out or grabbing a scone together in the afternoon; building friendships among colleagues makes for better business and happier staff.

So there you have it, some insight on what makes Airts tick. Slàinte.


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